onger than the Holy Words. It is a proportional increase. A pea slipped silently from the corner of the lord’s mouth. He suddenly raised his head and stared at the other person’s eyes: Proportion increased? What do you mean? This means that the greater the strength of the original body, the greater the increase. If you have ten times the strength of an ordinary person, you will definitely get ten times the increase of an ordinary person. Buckland tilted his head subconsciously, avoiding the sharp gaze in Richard’s eyes. The practice of the Holy Word Prayer technique is divided into five major stages. The initial strength forming can increase half of the strength, up to half an hour a day. Until the fifth stage, the increase was as high as eight times, and the daily maintenance time was also extended to eight hours. Buckland’s words were like a bomb, instantly set off a huge wave in Richard’s mind, making him speechless on the spot! The proportional increase is that the stronger the stronger the weaker the weaker. As the ancient bishop Matthew said-if there is anything, he will be doubled to make him redundant; if there is not, even what he has will be taken. The same effect is a 10% increase. Whether the foundation is ten or one thousand determines whether the final income is one or one hundred. It is completely different. As far as most ordinary people are concerned, the practice of the Holy Word Prayer technique has only an eight-fold increase in strength, and it takes a lot of effort to deal with a Minotaur, which is completely a tasteless one. But it’s a different story for Richard. When it comes to the power of the original body, who in this world can be stronger than him? Lord Alpine Fort has two tons of punch now, and the starting point is even higher than the end point of others! In addition, the holy word prayer technique has been cultivated to a certain level, and the increase in magic resistance is amazing. Buckland continued to add. Richard must admit that he was moved. Boost strength and