the closest one is the red flag.” The latte

but soon it returned to its original position steadily. “————” Nightingale supported her from behind, seeming to be saying something, but she could only hear it faintly The slight intermittent words seemed to come from far away until the buzzing gradually subsided, and then the hearing returned to normal, “Are you okay? She shook her head and moved her gaze to the open snowfield ahead, but she didn’t see any changes. Is this flame just to intimidate the enemy? “Have you observed the landing?” “The prince asked a witch with green hair next to him. “After hitting a small mountain bag, the closest one is the red flag.” The latter waited and watched, “but it’s still a lot farther away.” “Red flag? Agatha looked at Roland suspiciously. What are they talking about? Fortunately, His Royal Highness quickly answered her doubts, “This weapon can project cannonballs—you understand it as a crossbow arrow— Go out and use it to fight enemies who are still far away. In order to observe the range of the shelling, I asked the lightning to place colored flags every 1,000 meters. The red flag was already the last shot, standing five kilometers away. “He explained, “Converted according to the size you are familiar with, a kilometer is almost three hundred feet, which is close to a distance of two miles. “Agatha was stunned. Did the other party mean that it had just thrown the crossbow bolt that was stuffed into it ten miles away? There is no rope or accumulating mechanism, how did it do this? Even a siege beast that relies on magic power has a farthest projection distance of only three to four miles. If he doesn’t lie, he can effectively block the devil’s attack by building a towering and thick city wall with this weapon. Footsteps. But it’s not easy to fire a weapon with such an amazing range. “I don’t see where the shells fall, I feel like something is missing,” the prince said, touching his chin. Make a quick flat shot and attack a close target. (To be continued.) Chapter 357 of the main text When the unfinished product