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sible for transportation and sale,” he added, “Western Territory only provides goods.” This is equivalent to the exclusive distribution rights in the fjord area. With Margaret’s experience, it is natural to see the implications. profit. Organizing a caravan to go to the fjord to sell will naturally make more money, but Roland does not want to invest too much energy and manpower in this area. He just wants to exchange new funds as soon as possible to maintain the rapid development of the territory. When the original accumulation is completed, the introduction of credit currency is a matter of time. Sure enough, the business woman blinked and asked excitedly, “Entrust all to me?” “If the price is reasonable.” Roland nodded, “If you are willing to act as an agent for overseas trade in the West, we can discuss this in detail and the scope of sale. It is limited to the fjords, and must not be lower than the current price sold to Crescent Bay caravans.” “Of course, steamships that can sail uninterrupted without relying on wind are worthy of those cross-sea caravans. I bought it at a high price,” she said confidently, “If I sell directly to the fjord islands, I am sure to double the price.” “And the extra profit, we can share.” Roland laughed. “In addition, besides the steam engine, the main product also has this.” He clapped his hands, and the guards waiting outside the hall immediately came in with a plate, and saw four or five clear crystal glass bottles on it, each All Only the size of a thumb. “This is” “Open it and smell it.” Marguerite curiously uncovered the cork on the top of the bottle, put it in front of her nose and sniffed, her eyes lit up, “God, you actually made perfume!” I don’t know how it compares to the products of the Royal Alchemy Association?” “The fragrance seems to be stronger,” she held the bottle and looked left and right, obviously a little bit fond of it, “Is this made by the Alchemy Workshop in Border Town?” ,” Roland also picked up a bottle and placed it in his palm-according to his requi