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Under the cathedral?” Mayne said in surprise. “I always thought there was no basement at all.” “Really not, because the two are not connected,” Oberlain smiled. “Only from the underground of the Secret District. The channel can only come here. The roof is composed of a mixture of stone slabs several feet thick and clay, which can not be penetrated by ordinary means.” “Why is it designed like this?” “In order to keep the secret, but not to completely bury the secret,” he said. “Before any pope takes the throne, he must come to the Church of Reflection to witness the establishment, development and growth of the church, while keeping the church’s goals in mind.” “Beat the devil.” Mayne said solemnly. But Oberlain did not nod his head in affirmation, but sighed slightly, “No, child, to win the smile of God.” The archbishop was stunned, “What?” The pope did not respond to him any more, but commanded the guard to move on. Judging from the direction of the stairs and ramp, they should be climbing upwards. Soon the group came to a magnificent hall, and Mayne recognized from the familiar structure around it that this should be the prayer room of the Reflection Church. The thick wooden door was slowly pushed open, making a creaking sound. Although it seems that the Pope hasn’t visited this hall for a long time, he didn’t smell the dust. Obviously someone has been responsible for cleaning and cleaning. “They only Can send me here, then you will push me in. Said Oberline. “Yes, submissive.” “Mayne took the handle and pushed the pope into the prayer room. The wooden door behind closed again, completely isolating the light from the torch. Now, only the soft light emitted by the yellow spar in the room is left-and the secret path arrangement. The same, it is evenly inlaid on both sides of the wall, but the difference is that there is a huge portrait hung above the spar. He vaguely remembers that the position of the frame should be exactly at the opening of the window of the prayer room on the ground. The contents of the portrai