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called the four kingdoms barren land.” “That’s the point. I don’t know that this place was one more than four hundred years ago. What is the scene, maybe it’s just a few villages scattered around, and some criminals who were banished from the witch world. The history books of the kingdom also record that the age of establishment of major cities is generally between 200 and 300 years, and astrologers are from that The times appeared.” He said with interest, “I have always been curious about why astrologers who have generally no achievements and no research results can be called sages together with alchemists. Now I probably understand-the Federation leads the survival. The people who fled to this fringe area brought their language and civilization. These people blended into the local people and helped them establish power, fortresses and cities.” “It sounds like you have seen it with your own eyes.” Nightingale Smiled and shook his head. “Only in this way can we explain why we use the same language as her,” Roland said seriously, “because we belong to the same origin. And in these four hundred years, civilization has been rebuilding without the slightest development.” “Well, “She said, “Anyway, you can know the answer tomorrow. If you guess wrong, then you have to give me a luxurious lunch.” The so-called luxurious lunch is actually a combination of corn soup, grilled chicken legs and ice cream bread. The kitchen is only done once. “Did you guess wrong?” “Whatever you want,” Nightingale tilted her head and half-squinted her eyes. Her cheeks and smooth neck formed a perfect curve, which looked very moving. With a perfect appearance, no matter what the gesture is, Roland has finally verified the correctness of this sentence. “I took it down,” he coughed twice, returning his attention to the paper. Because Agatha just awakened, Roland couldn’t force the other party to answer all the questions accurately and meticulously, basically following her thoughts. I thought about where I asked where, so the information I got