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atha got a delicate parchment scroll from Roland. – “What is this?” “Contract. After pressing the handprint, you are officially a member of the Witch League.” She unfolded the scroll and read the contents of the paper in detail, and said in surprise, “Just So?” “Huh?” The other party didn’t seem to understand what she meant, “Which?” “The above constraints are meaningless,” Agatha pointed to the line of effectiveness, “It only mentioned that there is no violation of the consensus of both parties. You can’t betray Border Town, but there are no restraints. If you really want to betray, I’m afraid there will be no psychological pressure. And the wording above is too rigorous, is this really a contract.” “Well, I was then. The handwritten notes are just a form.” The prince nodded, not surprisingly, it seemed that he was not the one who pointed out the problem with this contract. “A form full of holes.” She slandered inwardly, poked the ink pad and pressed her fingerprint. The alliance contract has very few requirements for both parties. According to the above terms, there is basically no change after joining. Although she felt a little unnecessary, she felt relieved a lot. She said she was cooperating with mortals, but she knew in her heart that this gray-haired man was the actual leader of the Witch League. If she wants to serve a mortal with respect and respect as she did to the senior leaders of the Federation or the Lord of the Three Cities, she might not be able to accept it. Looking at it now, at least I have considerable freedom. Roland collected the sheepskin scrolls and asked curiously, “In Taqila, what are the contractual constraints?” “This is only needed when recruiting mortals, everything from punishment to mental torture,” she curled her lips.” As for us, there is no need to sign such a thing. The federation is a lifetime system. Once you join, the defector has a dead end.” “Okay,” he took a breath, “welcome you to join the Witch League. Remember after breakfast. Come to the castle garden, I need to f