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nscrew the two screws at the bottom, pull a gap firmly and carefully, use a spudger to cut the surrounding bayonet, and open the screen without exceeding 90 degrees, because the cable will be torn off. Then unscrew the metal protective cover of the cable connector, remove the metal protective cover to open to the cable interface, there are three cables in total. The screen assembly is separated from the motherboard. Next, remove the accessories on the screen assembly, unscrew the fingerprint sensor protective cover, and pry open the fingerprint sensor cable connector. Remove the protective cover of the fingerprint reader, slowly pull up the cable of the fingerprint reader by hand, and push it from the front with your finger. Remove the fingerprint recognition module. The female connector of the fingerprint reader cable is glued to the screen bracket, so be careful when prying it. Unscrew the screw of the protective cover of the earpiece position. Remove the protective cover, earpiece, and proximity sensor. Th