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e is but there is no so-called humiliation brabura. Han Guo is an otaku writing books to make money, because he hates things in the workplace when he goes to work. Too many things that have nothing to do with his job occupy people’s energy. Instead, It’s a lot more straightforward to write things. I don’t know how good the situation is at this time. People don’t ask you too much other than screenwriting. In the final analysis, it’s whether your script is okay, and whether your essential work strength is enough. After all, China and South Korea are two different things. This country is still engaged in this kind of highly cultural work. Languages ​​and writings are different, and the differences are obviously impossible to completely smooth out. So you are not required to write Korean historical costume dramas. Some people do not have your turn to write. Ancient costumes The dramas are basically large-scale productions. Of course, the traditional TV series with the highest ratings, such as Japanese-Japanese dr