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Han Guo brightly and waiting. “Ha.” Han Guo took a deep breath, very weakly lifting the lying board, and let her train herself to stay away from him and find a place to practice by herself… “Actually, you are in good shape.” Quan Binghuan glanced at Han, and suddenly spoke curiously. Han Guo was stunned for a moment, looked around behind him, and pointed at himself puzzled: “Me?! You mean me?!” Quan Binghuan smiled: “Yes. I know you used to be fat, so you don’t need to understand your physique. It can be seen that I do this job.” Han Guo became curious, sitting on the side playing with a dumbbell. Suspiciously asked: “Can you see the physique?” Quan Binghuan also sat aside: “Especially you are easy to see. People who have been fat, if they lose weight after 30, will not have the same skin as they were in their 20s. It is elastic and can shrink with it. So it is obvious that your skin used to be fat. At least 100kg or more.” Han Guo laughed Thumbs up: “Sure enough, I specialize in surgery. When I was 17 or