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immed and exploded suddenly at the moment of being hit. The impact departed from orbit and hit Venus. Venus was impacted and accelerated the fragments of the earth hit Mars. Mars was impacted. Departed from orbit and hit Jupiter and hit the nine planets in the solar system. Then the balance of the entire galaxy was broken and the big bang universe fell into chaos again… …It’s not working anymore. Please answer me loudly at this last Mid-Autumn Festival when you are all in chaos with the universe! Do you love me?!(The fourth one is coming. Thanks for voting for Fatty’s Hanyu Tickets and click to subscribe to the favorites. Bow to pay tribute. Spear the wolf black. zzang.o(n_n)o)(To be continued..) Chapter 534 You can really choose people” You said what? “Han Guo slammed the brakes to a halt, but there are only so many things. As for Mars hitting Jupiter and the Big Bang chaos, as long as you love me as always, it won’t happen. Because the world is full of love, there must be miracles, ha ha , Ha ha. Well, it