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itar stringing. “Give it to me. “Xu Xian took it calmly. Han Guo looked at her in surprise: “Do you too?” Xu Xian smiled, lowered his head and stretched out the strings with his fair fingers, and his hair fell on the guitar. Bright eyes and slightly pursed corners of his mouth. So focused and absorbed. “angle…” Han Guo said softly. Xu Xian looked up in surprise: “Mo? Han Guo was taken aback for a moment: “Did I say it?” “Xu Xianliang glanced at him, smiled and didn’t say much. Han Guo was silent for a while, got up to get a cigar, threw it next to Xu Xian, and lit it opposite her. Xu Xian frowned and glanced at the cigar again. Look at Han Guo. “Please smoke, thank you.” Han Guo said with a smile, spit out a puff of smoke. Xu Xian ignored it. It didn’t take long before it was really done. “I know how to tune the sound.” Seeing Xu Xian fiddle and tuning, Han Guo stood up and picked up the electronic tuner to save a bit of face. “No. Just one.” Xu Xian played while listening. Han Guo was stunned for a moment,