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gh or low, neither good nor bad. It is also within a standard range. As for many bad screenwriters, you can’t see them. Because it is impossible to emerge. “Han Guo nodded and listened carefully, Lu Zhixue has no plans to say any more. Looking at Han Guo with a smile, Lu Zhixue said: “Anyway. You really deserve a status corresponding to your grades, just like a Korean writer. Even if the process is a little more cumbersome and difficult, as long as you have the ability, it is not a problem. Signaling Han Guo, Lu Zhixue said, “I am optimistic about you.” So the lower part works. Try to broadcast on the three major TV stations. The results should be good, it’s that simple, try your best. “Han Guo and Xu Zhengxun took a look, and got up to say thank you. Obviously, Lu Zhixue has the meaning of seeing off the guests after speaking. I don’t want to stay any more, thank you, just stay in my heart. There is always a day of repaying. (To be continued. (Ninetieth more) Chapter 495 Jie Control “In fact, it is all works