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rst stood up and looked at Sunny: “Did you know that Xu has Secretary Zhang?” Sunny shrugged: “Then treat my information as wrong.” Han Guo sighed and looked up at Xu. Hyun glanced, and said it to Kim Taeyeon. “Be careful that he takes it seriously, he can do it. It’s not easy to bring some fruit snacks to visit your house.” “Mo?” Xu Xian frowned and looked at Han Guo. He muttered brightly. “Then you can take a look at this.” Kim Taeyeon smiled casually and slowly picked up a few photos that had been thrown away. However, he took a few of hers from Xu Xian, took one out and handed it to Han. “Oh…” Xu Xian leaned forward to see that he had not had time to make a careful identification just now. Just look at the photos and I feel very handsome. Not according to the poor appearance of the artist. The body is neither fat nor thin, nor short nor too tall. About 1.77 meters. The smile is gentle. Looking young and mature. The appearance of thirty-four years old. Wearing a pair of glasses, wearing Suit. The shoulde