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The response was very expressive, not as rich as the body language now.” “Ha.” Kim Taeyeon smiled and looked at Sunny: “Is it still small?!” Sunny chuckled, “Facts.” Kim Taeyeon exhaled. Sigh, turned around and wanted to say something. “Very good.” Sunny said calmly and interrupted Taeyeon with a smile. Kim Taeyeon was taken aback and frowned: “Whatever is fine.” Sunny nodded, “You know what I mean.” Kim Taeyeon looked at her helplessly: “I…” “But you better not push Xu Hyun over. “Sunny interrupted Kim Taeyeon again with a calm sentence, Kim Taeyeon’s smile solidified, and the corners of her lips were pursed and looked at her. Sunny rubbed her hair with a smile, and didn’t mind being pulled away by Taeyeon. “Not convinced yet?” Sunny smiled. Taeyeon was silent for a while. Looking at Sunny: “I think they are very good together, and very suitable. It is very suitable.” Sunny looked at Kim Taeyeon, smiled and hugged her shoulders for a long time: “When I was with you, I was innocent. With Krystal’s Time is a