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ch. Thank you for the dragon. Forbearance xi, the loneliness of the clouds xi, the hate of the three kings xi, Qingsi. Danxi xi, yuri control xi, set in the vest xi, Ziyun Master xi, the most respected xiqian xi, Qingfeng, life y no regrets xi, read fly xi, persistent banana xi, southern country bamboo xi, Taeyeon’s Love xi, wind and soul hurt xi, laughing and joking 321.xi, KGB xi and rookie like Baresi xi’s monthly pass, bow to salute. Thank you for the Korean entertainment vote for the fat man and the ones who clicked to subscribe to the collection. Spoil the wolf black.zzang .O(n_n)o(To be continued…) Chapter 517 Assignment Thank Qingchen with a smile 33. xihe’s million rewards and monthly pass, bow to tribute, Kang Sang Hamida, zzang, o(n_n)o “I have been established as the director of film planning, you just need to cooperate.” Again I saw Park Ju-young at the door of the young practice room. Perhaps it was because of a female special soldier who was next to him, so Han Guo looked very imposing. Park