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play pure in your thirties.” Lin Yoona leaned forward: “I also know, so I asked Korean writers to help me clear them. High-level, you don’t actually know how difficult it is, right?” Han Guo nodded, “I know it must not be easy, but how difficult it is to say…” Lin Yuner was silent and looked at Han Guo for a while: “In fact, for so many years. It’s never possible for me to take a role that is too complicated or even negative. It’s about the same, and there are not many opportunities for training. After all, it’s not easy for such a role to reflect acting skills. It’s not like the Korean writers gave me this time. Role.” Xu Xian smiled and turned back: “Who made O’Neill not only be the face of a young age, but also the face of sm.” Han Guo calmly said: “I also learned about it. In fact, Jessica’s resignation is related to your future development. This year. Maybe you all have a good discussion next year, and I don’t have to work too hard when I am young. She also feels relieved to start her own business. But